Furever Living for you and your pets
Furever Living for you and your pets

I am a qualified in Canine and Feline Physiotherapy and rehabilitation and insured with Balans Animal Physiotherapy Scheme as well as being a registered veterinary nurse.

I am a  member of ASSVAP- Association for the Scientific Study of Veterinary and Animal Physiotherapy

I hold Diplomas in Canine Holistic Health and Therapies, Dog Training, Puppy Training, Feline Behaviour and Psychology Training as well as in Canine Behaviour Training.

I am a licensed microchipper using Pet-ID microchips which are the smallest microchip currently in the UK.

I am a qualified Forever Living Distributor.

So how did I become involved with Forever Living Products?

Over the years of being a veterinary nurse had paid a toll on my health and I was looking for something that I could do when I would be no longer able to do my job. At that time I was struggling to even clean out a kennel.

I was locuming when I met a lovely receptionist funny enough called Sally who introduced me to the range. I had heard of Forever Living over 15 years ago.

This is my own personal testimonial:

I started taking the Forever Freedom Gel for my joint pains and upset tummy. I was told that I may see a reduction in discomfort around the 3rd bottle. Now everyone is different but was willing to try the 3 bottles especially as the give 60 day guarantee with their products.

I actually started feeling less sore in my joints and my tummy felt better within that first bottle. It was then I signed up to become an independant distributor so that I can help others both 4 legged as well as the 2 legged

I was so pleased that I put my eldest bitch that the vet diagnosed of having spondylosis of the spine onto the Forever Freedom and her movement has improved, the vet has been able to reduce her anti inflammatories. I then put her onto Forever Arctic Sea and Forever Active HA and if you look in the gallery there is a video of her at 10.5 years old chasing bubbles.

I have since put my male dog onto Forever Freedom although he is not showing any symptoms of discomfort at 9.5 years of age.

I use just about every product of the Forever Living range and am pleased as punch with the results so I actually carry a fair amount with me just incase I get a naughty cat that uses my arm as a scratching post etc.

One of the pictures in the gallery is of Gaia, our youngest bitch, where she ran through some wooden planks at "nanna". She was treated with Forever Living products and as you can see in just 7 days she has healed. The fur has grown back and they are her natural colour and no grey.

My ex-husband reluctantly started to use Forever Freedom to and now has very little pain in his shoulder and neck. He has added in both the Forever Arctic Sea and Forever Active HA. 




Furever Living for you and your pets

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