Furever Living for you and your pets
Furever Living for you and your pets

The top video shows Mayas gait around the time she was diagnosed with spondylosis of the spine. 

Using Forever Freedom, Forever Active HA and Forever Arctic Sea, MSM gel and Aloe Heat Lotion along side her reduced medication and massage you can see the bottom video shows how active she still is

Gaia day of injury
Gaia 7 days post injury

Gaia ran through some wood at "nannas". 

I used Aloe Hand and Face soap, Aloe veterinary formula and to start Aloe Gelly and then went onto Aloe Propolis Creme.

My friends son with his Forever Kids Multivitamins

As you can see my furkids love the taste of Forever Freedom.

This is what I use on Maya daily

Maya had a molar abscess which normally would mean the tooth is extracted. Using Forever Bright Toothgel Maya not only kept her tooth she didn't need a dental. 


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