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           Microchipping your pets

Why should I have my pet microchipped?

If you’ve ever experienced the anxiety felt when your pet goes missing, you will appreciate that a microchip gives you the reassurance of knowing your pet is identifiable as yours and can be quickly returned; even when you’re aboard.

While collar tags are an important element of pet care and security, and still a legal requirement, they are simply not as reliable a safeguard and theft deterrent as a microchip.  Unlike collar identity tags microchips cannot fall off … or be removed.

One simple injection means lifetime protection for your pet

Because you love your pet and want to do all you can to ensure they remain safely in your company is probably enough reason for you to have your pet microchipped. Especially, when you consider that without reliable identification, your pet could be lost forever. However, dog owners should note, Compulsory Microchipping of Dogs  is already law in Northern Ireland and soon to be law in England and Wales.

How much does pet microchipping cost?

      Microchipping is £10 per pet. I do a discount for more than 5 pets being microchipped at the same time.

I can microchip at your home but there will be an additional charge to cover my petrol etc.


Compulsory Microchipping of Dogs

Recognising the many benefits of pet microchips, the government is currently introducing laws that will make it illegal to own a dog that is not microchipped if it is older than eight weeks old. It is already a legal requirement in Northern Ireland, in Wales it becomes law on 1 March 2015 and in England on 6 April 2016. Scotland is expected to follow the lead of the other UK countries soon after.

Why make microchipping dogs compulsory?

Microchips are being made compulsory for dogs to raise owner responsibility and improve the welfare of dogs by:

  • Making it easy to identify a dog and its true owner, meaning more stray dog are returned.
  • Ensuring greater traceability of owners, making them accountable for their dog’s actions.
  • Helping to establish liability and prove ownership/keepership.
  • Assists in control measures in case of diseases, especially important in those that can be passed from dogs to humans.
  • Deterring dog theft.

What makes Pet-ID Microchips different?

At Pet-ID Microchips we believe in offering the best products available for pets.  As such our microchips are :-

  • Guaranteed for life
  • Supplied in the narrowest gauge needle for 12mm microchips and coated with Parylene-C to ensure microchips stay in place
  • Registered onto Petlog, the UK’s largest microchip reunification database
  • Fully traceable with out complete backtrack system
  • Manufactured to ISO 11784/11785 – suitable for The Pet Travel Scheme
  • Available with four weeks’ FREE pet insurance cover for qualifying pets
  • Supplied in a variety of formats to suit implanter preference
  • Provided in Owner Information Packs

Leading Technology

Pet-ID Microchips use technology developed and manufactured by leading Swiss identification technology company, HID Global.  Their specialist advanced engineering techniques ensure reliability and quality. You can rest assured that the microchips we supply will continue to function for the life of your pet.

Pet-friendly system

Each chip is coated with an anti-migratory coating called Parylene-C to bond with surrounding tissue and ensure that the chip stays exactly where it is implanted. The inner circuitry is sealed during manufacture to prevent the possibility of failure.

To ensure easy implantation with minimal invasion, our needles are the narrowest on the market for 12mm microchips – so narrow it fits inside most other 12mm microchip needles available on the market.

We also offer 8mm mini chips suitable for exotics and small species. I use this microchip.

Immediately traceable

For added security, we keep details of where each and every one of our chips has been sent and ensure our implanters keep a record of both the pet’s and owners details of each microchip they implant.  This means that, if necessary, your pet can even be traced before Petlog receives registration details.

Petlog – Managed by the Kennel Club

When your pet is microchipped with Pet-ID Microchips, it is registered onto Petlog, the UK’s largest microchip reunification database.

We’ve been working together to protect pets since 1999. We choose Petlog as our pet registration partner because it is, in our opinion, the most trustworthy and reliable database of microchipped pets in the UK and the only UK database to have achieved ISO27001 for Information Security Management.  Petlog is owned and run by The Kennel Club as a not-for-profit organisation and holds the details of nearly 8 million microchipped pets and their owners. Petlog is the database that the majority of organisations involved in animal welfare rely on and the only UK database to link to the European Pet Network.

Your best friend when a microchipped pet goes missing

As well as registering microchipped pets, Petlog also plays a part in reuniting missing pets with their owners. Petlog assists vets, the police and animal wardens with over 285,000 missing pet calls every year and operates its services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

When your missing Pet-ID microchipped pet is found, a quick scan and a call to Petlog will enable authorised users to obtain your contact details in minutes. Petlog gives you the best chance of being reunited with your pet.

Keep Your Petlog Details Updated

Always inform Petlog of changes to your contact details, so you can be contacted when your pet is found. To check your Petlog details are up to date or to update them, call 01296 336579 or visit www.petlog.org.uk.

Petlog Premium

Our microchips come with basic Petlog registration. An enhanced service called Petlog Premium is a one-off payment for the life of your pet and offers several additional benefits:

  • Make unlimited amendments to your details at no additional cost
  • Add contact details of a friend or relative
  • Add temporary address and contact details when travelling abroad
  • Free Petlog Premium document wallet to keep your details safe
  • Downloadable lost pet poster template


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